New York


Neal Cohen

Founder and Managing Director

As a family office focused on long-term operational value creation, we have a unique investment perspective that allows us to see opportunity in troubled business units that others may miss.

Neal Cohen founded CoBe Capital in 1994 and has completed numerous acquisitions as a principal, encompassing a wide range of industries and geographical markets. He is involved in all aspects of the firm’s activities and his experience as an operator coupled with broad international transaction experience ensure an expedited decision process on new investments.

Prior to founding CoBe Capital, Mr. Cohen acquired and operated small businesses and built an extensive commercial real estate portfolio, through reinvesting his own capital and the free cash flow generated from his business ventures. During this period, Mr. Cohen developed both his expertise in operating fundamentals and his experience in offering customized transactions to corporates looking to divest non-core business units. Continuing to build on this investment strategy, he has rapidly expanded the size and capabilities of CoBe Capital, including the opening of two offices in Europe, where amidst the current uncertainty, he sees tremendous opportunity.

In his experience, most of the great companies we know today were successful based on the efforts of its management and employees because of the excitement and a sense of ownership that people felt there. Mr. Cohen wants to create that same kind of excitement while providing value-add resources to manage growth and build long-term value with the companies he owns and buys. Mr. Cohen’s fundamental operating philosophy is lean management and continuous improvement and his companies use these tools to improve the everyday execution of their businesses.
Mr. Cohen resides in New York City with his wife and children. He holds a Bachelor’s in Political Science from Boston University.