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Operations Our Operations team enables our companies to achieve extraordinary results.

We are operators first. Fixing operations and turning around businesses is our passion.

Operational resources

As opposed to most investment groups, our team is not composed of finance types, rather our backgrounds are in operations and strategy, with our team members having worked for leading corporations and consulting firms.  Rather than rely on outside advisors, we have the in-house resources to implement operational and managerial improvements to build our businesses into world-class performers.  To further support this philosophy, we value close relationships with our portfolio companies to empower each management team to drive the company’s growth and value creation.

Taking interim management roles

In certain situations such as a carve-out acquisition that has no general manager; members of the Operations team can take interim leadership positions while the company establishes itself as a standalone operation.  The ability of the CoBe team to fill these interim roles allows the portfolio company additional time to identify and recruit the best leadership talent for the long-term future of the business.  

Operational excellence

Operational excellence has always been at the core of CoBe’s ownership philosophy and providing hands-on support to our portfolio companies has been instrumental in our mutual success.

What it's like to work with CoBe Capital

Dan Rowley
"With capital and operational assistance from CoBe Capital we look to rapidly expand our technology and brand partners."
Dan Rowley
President, Resilion

Meet the Operations Team

Antonio Valentini

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