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Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions Our M&A teams works closely with sellers and management team to craft tailored transaction structures that meet the needs of leading global corporations.

CoBe Capital M&A team, led on a global basis by Darren Chaffee, assesses investment opportunities across all industries and takes a creative, flexible approach to negotiating transactions.

Global reach and cross-boarder transactions

To meet the needs of our sellers given their global reach, our M&A senior executives are strategically located in key global locations.  Darren Chaffee, based in our New York City headquarters, oversees all of our transactions on a global basis and leads all North American transactions directly.  European acquisitions are led by our Cologne, Germany based Managing Director, Dr. Henning Walf.  

Experts at corporate divestitures

CoBe Capital exclusively focuses on the acquisition of corporate divestitures.  Our seasoned team of investment executives have the unique expertise required to execute complex corporate carve-outs.  With years of experience knowing the ins and outs of the issues surrounding corporate divestitures, our M&A process is unique in its ability to customize our transactions to meet the demands of corporate sellers.

Due diligence process is based on our past turnaround experience

Our acquisition strategy relies on the M&A team’s past turnaround experience to assess the opportunity’s long-term potential under CoBe Capital ownership.  As such, our M&A executives travel extensively to evaluate opportunities and meet with management teams to identify risks and opportunities early-on that may affect the likelihood of an acquisition moving forward.  Our M&A team’s hands-on approach establishes the domain knowledge and trust that enable us to seamlessly close transactions and swiftly implement turnaround plans—regardless of the deal’s size, geography or complexity.

What it's like to work with CoBe Capital

Niko Nikolopoulos
"Where there is a continuing commercial relationship with the carved out entity, the operating background of the sponsor is paramount."
Niko Nikolopoulos
Vice President of Corporate Development & Strategy, Office Depot
Rishad Premji
"CoBe Capital were professional in their approach and participated in the process in a diligent and time-bound manner."
Rishad Premji
Chief Strategy Officer, IT Business, Wipro Ltd

Meet the Mergers and Acquisitions Team

Darren McKenzie Chaffee Samuel Zurkinden Patrik Arnold

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