Inside CoBe Capital


Europe CoBe Capital is focused on growing its portfolio of operating companies in Europe.

CoBe Capital maintains committed teams in strategic European locations so we can more effectively execute transactions across the continent.

An international team

We understand the local culture and have a team on the ground.  In our experience, having M&A and operations resources in-country, close to our portfolio businesses, is a key success factor for both acquisition and turnaround.  CoBe’s European M&A team has developed a deep understanding of how to tackle the myriad of issues that are typically associated with this specific geography.  Their expertise includes significant experience in restructurings, human resource and work-council issues and legal and financial requirements internationally.  We are well-aware of the sensitivity in Europe to include the participation of the local workforce, community and government, in the transaction and operations going forward. 

A global network

To enhance our local knowledge, we always start by working with existing management and employees.  And in cases when it’s needed, we utilize our relationships within a country to recruit local industry specialists to supplement an executive team.

Inside look at our European M&A team

For more details on our European M&A team, please see our Feature Story Europe: Localized Resources.

Meet the European Team

Samuel Zurkinden Michael Schuh Antonio Valentini Björn Larsow Mario Stalder Patrik Arnold