Acquisition Strategy

Seller Considerations

Our goal is to customize the transaction process to meet your unique objectives
Non-core corporate divestitures require a buyer with unique skills. Non-core corporate divestitures require a buyer with unique skills.

Overlapping customers, vendors, joint marketing agreements and reputation are all considerations in a divestiture. CoBe Capital is committed to meeting and exceeding the seller’s expectations. We understand that our success depends on well-executed business operations post-close. We carefully listen to these objectives, and tailor each transaction to meet all the objectives of the corporate seller.

Catalysts for a transaction:

  • Legacy business that no longer fits current strategy
  • Non-core operation within a large strategic acquisition
  • Non-core geography creating a distraction
  • Sub-scale business with excess overhead
  • Captive supplier that had been acquired defensively
  • Distribution-arm creating conflict with customers
  • Prohibitively high costs to close or exit an operation

Seller goals for a non-core divestiture:

  • Accelerated transaction timeline
  • Minimal disruption to operations and employees
  • Sensitivity to local customs and practices
  • Desire for an ongoing business relationship
  • Confidentiality
  • Certainty of closing
  • Preserving or transferring brand equity

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