Sale Announced: Printing Systems Group
CoBe Capital agrees to sell PSG to Heidelberg (Xetra: HDD)
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Europe: Localized Resources
In our experience, having M&A and operations resources in-country, close to our portfolio businesses, is a key success factor for both acquisitions and turnarounds
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Recent Acquisition: LSI Corporation of America
The principals of CoBe Capital acquire LSI Corporation of America from HNI Corporation (NYSE: HNI)
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Fixing a Broken Business: Bourrelier Éducation
Bourrelier Éducation challenged CoBe Capital to meet the complex and sometimes conflicting needs of stakeholders while acting quickly to restore the viability of the business
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Grand Opening: Warendorf Flagship Stores
Warendorf is pleased to announce the opening of two new flagship stores in Düsseldorf and Berlin
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